Microsoft on Monday said the vice president of Yahoo Larry Heck would start in a few weeks after joining Microsoft, responsible for the company’s search business.Larry Heck in Yahoo’s role is to enable online search results more relevant. This is since last November, Microsoft has hired the third Yahoo search business executives.

After joining Microsoft,Larry Heck will be in charge of Microsoft’s online services, Senior Vice President Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) reporting. Yahoo spokesman declined to comment.

Since last year failed to buy Yahoo search business since, Microsoft has coveted Yahoo talent. As a result of Google in the search market, with its advantage to sell more online advertising, which Microsoft is determined to vigorously promote the development of search technology and narrow with Google and Yahoo gap. For this reason, even though Microsoft plans to 18 months 5000 layoffs, but the company’s search business was still in the recruit.

Larry Heck was responsible for R & D search and advertising algorithms Yahoo laboratory. Improve the algorithm in the search results help users find information they need, while helping advertisers more targeted ads.

Prior to this, Microsoft has successfully hired many former Yahoo executives, the most famous course is currently serving as president of Microsoft’s online services sector of theQi Lu. There is also the current search technology center in Silicon Valley, Microsoft’s former general manager, vice president of Yahoo Search Sean Suchter. The former manager of Yahoo Media Group Scott Moore will be in mid-March to return to Microsoft, as MSN content and strategy of the United States District executives.

Some time ago, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) has said that even though Microsoft has no intention to repeat the acquisition of Yahoo, but still have interest in english and Yahoo reached a cooperation agreement.

Open his own homosexuality in his capacity as mayor of the United States in Portland, Sam Adams denied the allegations in more than a year later, on the 19th finally admitted that he had in the summer of 2005 and a young boy to have sexual relations.

According to the Associated Press reported on the 20th, in the “willamette weekly” Web site exposed the sex scandal Adams after Adams said in a statement, I admit this fact. At the same time, Gerry Adams, the spokesman said that Adams will be shortened in Washington to attend the inauguration of Obama’s itinerary in order to return to Portland on the 20th afternoon and publicly apologize to the city.

According to reports, the 45-year-old Adams acknowledged that in the summer of 2005 or the Urban Services Commissioner for their time with one who just turned 18-year-old boy to have sexual relations.

Adams with a minor hearsay improper sexual relations as early as Mayor Adams before the campaign began to spread across, but Adams was the winner in the election, and January 1 this year, Portland became the mayor.

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2009 IT industry trends

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In the past, is about 2008, there have been many major events, including Barak – Obama (Barack Obama) in the United States won the presidential election, as well as the spreading economic crisis, and so on. These factors will also in 2009 the IT has also brought a lot of uncertainty. To this end, IDG News Service (IDG News Service) the author of the 2009 U.S. IT industry trends in the forecast.

It should be noted that this forecast does not include Microsoft or Yahoo to acquire Yahoo’s search business, because they believe the deal will be reached by the year 2008.

1, the economy is likely to remain slack

In 2009, the economy will continue to be reported to occupy the major news media headlines. I believe no one knows how long will the economic downturn. However, we believe that by mid-2009, there will be a sign of improvement, growth will start to the end of the year. However, this process will be accompanied by more layoffs, corporate IT departments will also be difficult. The hardware and consumer electronics industry in 2009 will be hit hard. Fitch (FITCH) believes that in 2009 the global PC shipment growth will be stagnant or even decline of 3%.

2, DDR3 become mainstream

Everything has two sides, the economic downturn the same. Economic downturn can drive innovation, enterprises need new technologies and new products to attract consumers. DRAM market in this area was particularly prominent, many DRAM makers are stepping up the development of DDR3 memory chips, with a view to the market as soon as possible. In order to promote the DDR3 memory chips, they also need the motherboard, chipset manufacturers, as well as microprocessors. However, we believe that DDR3 will become in 2009 the new mainstream DRAM chip.

3, prices of the Internet

Of the Internet (Netbook) for its compact size, low-cost energy-saving features under a wide range of concerns. Of the Internet will continue to maintain high-speed development, but we believe that the average price of such products from the current 400 to 500 U.S. dollars down to 200 to 300 dollar range. This is mainly by the manufacturers of production capacity decision. The greater the yield, the more the price at the end.

4, iPhone is still beautiful

U.S. market research firm IDC said that with the Internet expansion of the market gradually, as well as declining prices, they will pose a threat to cell phones, navigation devices such as mobile consumer electronics products. Although the iPhone may not be able to protect themselves, but we still believe that the smartphone market while maintaining prosperity, iPhone will play a very important role.

In addition, IDC also expects the market becomes saturated, and a large number of alternatives to reduce people’s enthusiasm to buy a new machine, so portable multimedia players will appear in 2009 fell for the first time.

5, Sun usher in a new CEO

We believe that the Sun will look for a new CEO to replace Jonathan – Schwartz (Jonathan Schwartz). Schwartz, or take the initiative to resign or be removed, but in any case, we believe that he could not in the position of the Sun CEO to remain in office at the end of 2009. And the fate of the Sun will change, either by acquisition or have been privatized.

6, Time Warner dismantled burden

In order to get rid America Online (AOL) this burden, Time Warner (Time Warner Inc.) There are two options: (1) America Online off into an independent company; (2) the sale of America Online or other Company merged to form a new joint venture.

7, Microsoft released Windows 7

Microsoft has not yet announced the release date of Windows 7. The earlier news that, Windows 7 will be released in early 2010, but Microsoft executives have recently hinted that they might release at the end of 2009 in Windows 7. Windows Vista’s performance has been unsatisfactory, with low occupancy rates. And the popularity of the Internet has also helped erode the Linux part of the Windows share. However, Microsoft in October of this year at the Microsoft “Professional Developers Conference (Professional Developers Conference)” to display the Windows 7 beta version has received a warm response. As a result, we believe that Microsoft will launch as soon as possible, Windows 7, the time should be on the end of 2009. Windows 7, whether on the impact of Vista is a positive or negative, we believe that Windows 7 will help Microsoft in 2008 to recapture the operating system market share to lose.

8, “cloud computing” have universal

In 2009, the enterprise will be more use of “software as a service (SaaS)” and “cloud computing” model to cut storage costs. The provision of “software as a service” and “cloud computing” services companies will attract more customers and more profits. At the same time, many companies do not want to see through others to manage their own data and to provide services in the company’s internal firewall to establish the “private cloud (private clouds)” will gradually be people of all ages. “大鱼吃小鱼” M & A will also be in the emerging field of cloud computing. Google, Amazon and other large companies will increase investment in this area and active mergers and acquisitions of smaller firms.

9, network security is becoming increasingly serious

With malicious software successfully infected with Flash and PDF documents, cyber crime, we will also bring more trouble. In 2009 there will be more formidable Trojan horse program was born. For these reasons, we expect that 2009 will be a major online retailers out security flaws, and hackers can take a large number of users access to the credit card number and personal information.

Internet security company Finjan expects the number of people engaging in cyber-crime will continue to increase, which is expected, however, it is worth noting that another message: Finjan said that there will be more unemployed IT professionals to join the network in the crime. In addition, former employees of the company for invasion Xie Sifen network will also be many things.

10, Obama factor

The industry has written numerous articles on Obama should be solved with technology-related issues are described. Obama even though the former president more than technical proficiency in this area and would be given more attention, but in our view, I am afraid that many predict could not do so in the year 2009 can be achieved. Obama is likely to appoint the first history of the United States Government CTO (chief technology officer), which posts the most important task is to strengthen the federal government’s ability to network security defense, and very likely in the first half of 2009 on the introduction of related .

We also predicted Obama would be the appointment of a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, the new chairman will lead the Federal Communications Commission issued related policies in order to prevent operators limit the user’s Web browsing behavior. A faster way of universal broadband access will be implemented, rather than a mere scrap of paper.

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Google open Friend Connect service to challenge Facebook

Google Thursday said that all sites have to open up its registry systems GM Friend Connect service. Industry sources, American social well-known Web site Facebook previously had just opened its Facebook Connect service registry, open the Google Friend Connect, is to launch a direct challenge to Facebook.
Google Thursday in a letter sent to major media sites and e-mail correspondent, said: “From today, any Web site administrators can use Google Friend Connect service, and no longer need prior consent Google . We will be in the company’s blog published on this site for more information. ”

Google launched in May this year, Friend Connect. The use of the service, any web site can easily create their own community features such as user registration, the invitation to share pictures, news, reviews and so on. Prior to Google OpenSocial platform has been established with the aim of Facebook platform to the challenge. Friend Connect to a specific service, and Facebook Connect is a direct response.

Analysts said Google’s Friend Connect service advantages: more support for a variety of open standards, there are many members of the OpenSocial support (such as MySpace and Hi5, etc.). Facebook Connect and the biggest advantage is its huge number of user groups.

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Obama’s two daughters, Maria and Sasha in Washington and the mother to see the new schools, they very likely that Washington’s two private schools to go to school. At present, the family moved to Chicago from Washington and Michelle Obama is a top priority.

Kaidi Mai, a spokesman Katie McCormick said that with a 7-year-old Sasha and 10-year-old Maria to visit a number of their preferred schools, but did not mention the names of these schools. She said, “She (Michelle) took the children to visit their new school choices in order to ensure that they can find a suitable school, is now moving to Washington is their top priority.”

Monday afternoon, a small car out in the back of the Georgetown school entrance, a number of secret service personnel standing around in a group of people emerged after members of the secret service organizations on the left, but the group did not Michel Bama.

When asked whether Mitchell on the same day to visit the school, some parents and students say that they do not know, and some students said they did not allow reporters to answer the question. Obama plans to visit Tuesday Sidwell Friends School.

Will soon become the first lady’s visit last week, Michel of the two elite schools, but not together with her daughter, she was also accompanied by First Lady Laura Bush visited the White House.

Georgetown school was founded in 1945, was one of the first pioneers of the multi-ethnic tolerance in schools, according to the school’s Web site, 35% of the students, that is, 1,000 students are people of color. Sidwell Friends School is a private religious schools, Clinton’s daughter Chelsea at this school to school.

Washington Mayor drian Fenty and the Education Executive Michelle Rhee said last week that Obama’s family was also discussed to allow two children on the choice of public schools.

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Google Image Search by German Court of Appeal For Infringement

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Hamburg, Germany, district court ruled that Google thumbnails to show the form of German photographer Michael Bernhard shot a photograph of the latter’s violation of copyright. In addition, the court ruled that at the same time, Google was not the author agreed, in the search results show the German artist Thomas Horn own the copyright of some of the cartoons, which violated the infringement. The court held that: “The thumbnail image is much smaller than the display or the low-resolution, the case does not affect the verdict.”

According to the blog site reported that Google, said: “We are confident that Google Image Search, and other services in full compliance with the law, today’s decision is adverse Netizens for Germany.”

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” CN domain names in English to inform the business of the new rules, “the news began to spread on the network, IDC China also ring on November 30, 2007 to give a report reproduced. This news did not get a positive response to the CNNIC official, but I guess this news is likely to come true.

According to the notice of the adjustment, I observed the CN domain name of the new rule there are two of the biggest changes: First, renew the longest period of 5 years increased to 10 years; Second, the abolition of the previous 15-day period to remove, change Has become a 45-day period and automatically renew the 15-day redemption period of high prices. (High redemption period, the original holder of the domain name registration services through the redemption of the domain name. Completion of the redemption of operation, CNNIC services advance registration will be deducted from the account of redemption, the redemption price of high-priced domain names for 400 / 000.)

In response, the industry pointed out that the new rules would be a good fight against those who registered the domain name right. CN domain names registered by speculative behavior. Possession of a large number of users, a large number of domain name registrars, while there are advantages and disadvantages, but more good than harm. In fact, is a key to liquidity problems. If sufficient liquidity to take full advantage of the rules to help its customers “protection” of the domain name expire, if not sufficient, within a few days after the expiry of the direct delete, we can solve the funding problem. And friends quoted a saying: “The rules of the domain name adjusted 10,000 net new domain name registrars such as Network and their agents will be the biggest beneficiary because of darkness do not have to work overtime since then registered the domain name, light hand Where customers do not renew the domain name, they earned enough. “And changing its name as China and other domain names registered dealer has become the” victims “because the registered domain name is no longer easy, for no reason a lot of small market opportunities And even if people in the industry say: in the future “. CN domain names registered,” the term planet will disappear.

The industry agreed that the registrar no matter how the rule-to-end (m farmers) will benefit. The rules for the adjustment and upgrading of great benefit to the value of CN domain names, domain names will be a good strong appreciation, the domain name will almost never refuse the opportunity. And promote. CN domain name markets, and better with international practice.

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MySQL co-founder submit his resignation to Sun

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Oct. 8, according to foreign media reports, MySQL community relations director Kaj Arno announced Tuesday, MySQL co-founder David Axmark has submitted his resignation to the Sun.

Yikemake in his resignation letter, he said: “I’m in the Sun’s role has assessed that she is more suitable for smaller companies. I hate every day to comply with various regulations, I do not want to break them. For me, retirement more appropriate, and then in an informal relationship with Sun and MySQL co-operation. ”

In the past few years, in Aikemake MySQL play an important role in the company, including project managers, internal IT director and director of community relations, and so on. It is also Aikemake ideas, which makes the MySQL open-source software has become one.

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Medvedev official opening of network video blog in gold, and other agencies to see space communications industry, etc., National Taiwan University web site by advertising and pornographic stickers were Apple CEO Steve Jobs once again been constantly aggravate violence in the South Korea Food Network actress [bar chart] World of Warcraft H Atlas colleagues for Sun, Yikemake departure is a blow. In January of this year, Sun to 1,000,000,000 U.S. dollars acquisition of MySQL. Mo said: “Aikemake is a heavyweight, MySQL, a senior engineer, many are recruited from Aikemake.” Just in the near future, Aikemake duties gradually shifted to deal with the media and the community.

Yikemake but at the same time pointed out: “From the feelings of speaking, a founder of the left is more sad. However, the company’s day-to-day operations will not be affected significantly.” It is reported that Yikemake will be held on November 10 official Leave. After the separation, Yikemake Sun will continue to provide advisory services.

Mo also revealed last month, another co-founder of MySQL Michael Widenius also plans to resign. Mo said Tuesday: “Widenius is still in the company, but his future is difficult to predict.” At present, Sun database is still in the charge of MySQL former CEOMarten Mickos.

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Microsoft denied its “recruitment freeze” measures

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According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, Microsoft denied that it has adopted “HiringFreeze” measures, despite previously, internal staff described in memorandum “Microsoft may take this approach.”

“Microsoft has drawn up a” recruitment freeze “the report is not true,” Microsoft spokesman Lu – Gallows (LouGellos) said, “we will have a real insider’s previous recruitment policy to re-evaluate, and this is our Practice, this means that Microsoft’s recruitment strategy in the future may be announced by the beginning of this year is different.

“ Prior to this, there were reports that some Microsoft employees received a note from the company, claiming that

“Microsoft is the level of its employees to re-evaluate, and Microsoft will not extend to members.”

However, Gellos said Microsoft intends to continue to employ new staff. He said: “This year we will be a lot of growth in the number of employees, we will employ a lot of people,” he said, “but a specific number of employees will definitely be restricted economic situation, we must be careful to keep the employees but also to re-evaluate strategy . ”

Gellos said he did not know whether or not all Microsoft employees received on the contents of the employees involved in the changes in the memorandum, he said, individual departments may have been related to the workers described the situation.

Recruitment program may re-evaluate the financial turmoil in the U.S. IT industry is a sign. This week, financial analysts have downgraded the stock price and number of IT firms expected earnings, including Apple,, as well as Intel and AT & T Corporation. Some analysts believe that the financial crisis caused by the credit crunch is likely to slow down consumer and business enterprises in IT expenditure.

So far, Microsoft’s worldwide number of employees has more than 9.1, in which more than 54,000 local office in the United States, Microsoft set up 30 years ago, Microsoft seldom cuts, and even little slow the pace of new employees.

This week, Microsoft CEO Steve – Ballmer said in Europe that Microsoft plans to hire more engineers in Norway and elsewhere in Europe, to further expand the above-mentioned Microsoft’s search business district. Search technology.

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Yahoo stock price will rise in the next five years

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September 15, according to foreign media reports, Yahoo co-founder David Filo recently said that Yahoo’s stock price will continue to rise in the next five years, this will prove the proposal that it is a right choice for Yahoo to reject Microsoft’s acquisition with 47.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Filo said: “From now on the next five years, Yahoo’s stock price will continue to rise. Yahoo still has a lot of investors have not been found in investment value.” The 42-year-old Filo and Jerry Yang of the 39-year-old, in with Microsoft In the talks on May 3 after the rupture, resulting in the company fell 33 percent. Yahoo shares last week and even hit a new low over the past five years.

Yahoo is now seeking with its rival Google in the search areas. June 12, Yahoo and Google search ads signed cooperation agreements in the Yahoo site to allow Google to place ads. Originally, the deal is not because the deal, there’s no need to review submitted to the relevant departments, but the two companies decided to Justice Department review of the three and a half months time. Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) 828said, will be implemented in early October with the signing of the Yahoo advertising agreement. Schmidt said: “The Justice Department is still assessing the agreement, the date did not give specific advice, but we decided to implement the agreement in October.

It is said that the U.S. Justice Department has hired well-known lawyer Sandy Lane Vick (Sandy Litvack) as the consultant, is under investigation on the Google, Yahoo advertising deal in the provision of legal advice. The source said that the U.S. Department of Justice has told Google and Yahoo, hired in the case of Vick as a legal adviser, but has not decided whether to stop the two sides of advertising. Vick, is the former U.S. president Jimmy Carter (Jimmy Carter) era Justice Department’s antitrust chief, Disney’s former vice chairman of the board. It is learnt that, Vick is being collected by the Department of Justice assessment of the relevant evidence and other lawyers have already begun access to witnesses and require them to provide relevant documents, so as to possible future antitrust lawsuit to prepare for.

In the past three years, Yahoo has had a declining revenue growth. Yahoo second quarter of this year’s revenue growth rate of 5.9 percent, while Google’s growth rate reached 39 percent. As the world’s largest software maker, Microsoft Windows and Office can help to support its loss of the Internet sector, but nearly 90 percent of Yahoo’s revenue come from advertising. U.S. investment institutions, an analyst at Jefferies Joseph skali (Youssef H. Squali) Friday to Yahoo price target lowered from 28 dollars to 26 U.S. dollars, but still maintain “buy” (Buy) on the stock. Skali stressed that even if the earnings per share will decline, Yahoo is still a few in the short term and long-term performance of the upgrade project, which will promote the company’s stock price rose to provide the necessary basis. These include the Ministry of Justice, if approved, it will be Yahoo’s online advertising business outsourcing to Google. Skali pointed out that the recent situation has said that the U.S. Department of Justice in the next few weeks will strengthen Google’s advertising deals with Yahoo survey. However skali that the current 50 per cent of the transaction is still hope will be approved by the U.S. Department of Justice.

In last Friday at the second session of “creative,” (Open Hack Day) in the General Assembly, Yahoo announced that will include Home and e-mail, a number of third-party Internet services for the Internet and software companies and opening up. Yahoo called this “Yahoo opening up strategy” (YOS), hope to be able to take this into a third-party content channels tool.

Yahoo said the company hoped that the revenue in 2010 will reach 8.8 billion U.S. dollars through “Yahoo opening up strategy”, increasing 72% compared to 2007. In addition, the deal with Google will gain 800 million U.S. dollars annual revenue.

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